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If the moment the sun appears, you’re straight out the door and into its glow, then you’ll likely grab your sunnies on the way out, too. For lazy days on the beach or long adventures with friends, our brand new range of sunglasses arrive just as the days are getting warmer and brighter.

So, as you explore our new collection, we thought we’d give you the all the latest on this year’s trends – and the styles you can expect to see online.

2018 Sunglasses top trends - Spotlight

Small round frames

Small round frames are a key trend for the season – as seen in our Rebound and Spotlight styles, there are a variety of lens and frame colours to choose from, to suit your summer look. From matte black to grey tortoiseshell as found in the Rebound glasses, to Spotlight’s silver reflective and crystal brown hues.

2018 Sunglasses top trends - Reflector

Mirror shades

In a wearable rounded square frame, the Ignite sunglasses combine a tortoiseshell frame with a reflective lens. Find a wrap around style in the Reflector glasses, in a black and red colour way with a sporty feel, great for days out exploring. The round-framed silver Spotlight style, come with a slim profile and clear frames – just right to wear with any outfit.

2018 Sunglasses top trends - Rebound


In-line with the recent trend, but still a classic style, tortoiseshell frames feature throughout our new collection. The Oxidize sunglasses combine tortoiseshell with a brown coloured lens into a square frame style for days out this season. Or in their oversized style, theDaybreak frames will put the finishing touches to favourite summer outfits.

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