STYLE 60012M

A model inspired by the cat’s eyes glasses of the ‘60s, but reworked into a vintage-chic version. What’s the little extra? The combination of acetate and stainless steel in a very thin nylor frame.


Who are these glasses designed for?


For women who want to be daring by wearing cat’s eye shapes, but want a change from plastic frames in pop colors to a more chic version, that can be worn on any occasion.

MOREL-Sunglasses-60012 black-women-sunglasses-plastic-oval

MOREL-Sunglasses-60021 black-women-sunglasses-mixed-oval


MOREL-Sunglasses-60027 brown-men-sunglasseswomen-sunglasses-plastic-pantos

STYLE 70035R

Back to the ‘80s! These ultra-trendy sunglasses perfectly combine fashionable details – a double bridge, translucent plastic and a solar clip feature. The absolute value of summer 2018!


Who are these glasses designed for?


For urban street wear fashion lovers who are looking for trendy sunglasses to perfect their style.

MOREL-Sunglasses-70022 yellow-men-sunglasses-metal-pilot

MOREL-Sunglasses-70030 brown-men-sunglasses-plastic-pantos

MOREL-Sunglasses-70034 black-men-sunglasses-mixed-pantos

STYLE 10032O

Architectural lines, sharp edges, revisited aviator shapes – without a doubt, these sunglasses have everything it takes to become the hit of the season!


Who are these glasses designed for?


For men who want to stand out with uncompromising style! This style is especially suitable for the trendy sportswear look.

MOREL-Sunglasses-10026 blue-men-sunglasses-plastic-rectangle


MOREL-Sunglasses-10027 grey-men-sunglasses-metal-rectangle

MOREL-Sunglasses-10032 black-men-sunglasses-plastic-pilot

STYLE 40002N

The 2018 fashion trend focuses on solar clips – that’s good news for your eyesight and for your wallet! Discover our collection, inspired by Coachella – trendy eyewear that turns into sunglasses with a retro look in seconds.


Who are these glasses designed for?


For those who are looking for the perfect match between fashionable, easy-to-wear eyeglasses and trendy sunglasses adapted to their eyesight – all in the same frame!

MOREL-Eyeglasses-40001 black-men-sunglasses-plastic-rectangle

MOREL-Eyeglasses-40002 red-men-sunglasseswomen-sunglasses-plastic-pantos

MOREL-Eyeglasses-40003 black-men-sunglasseswomen-sunglasses-plastic-pantos


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